Art Classes

Beginner and advance watercolor, acrylic and mix-media art classes for ages 12 and up

Location: Studio at Loft Artists Association, 575 Pacific ST, Stamford, CT
Dates: Monday to Saturday.
Time: Monday to Friday 1:30 - 5:30 PM and Saturdays 9 - 12:00 PM
If none of these hours work with yo schedule, don't hesitate to contact me about scheduling a private lesson.

Private Art Classes

Wednesdays afternoon  acrylic art classes in my studio with a very talented ladies.

Student Exhibition
Some of my students that exhibited their artworks made at under my instruction at Durango Insurance in Stamford on July 2

2018 Pressed flowers workshop at the LAA

2015 Landscape workshop at Loft Artist Association.

2015 Intake Workshop.

2013 Workshop organized by Crisol-Acuarela, at Neighbors Link with soft pastels.

2009 Workshop with pressed flowers at King School.

Cold Porcelain Workshop. Sign for 2 hours class at my studio, located at 574 Pacific St, Stamford CT. Learn how to prepare your cold porcelain at home and how to do a calla lily, a daisy and some leaves. I'll be providing the clay. More info  send me an e-mail at